Dear Strava

I am a Strava user. Not an early adopter but an easy follower. I started using Strava in the summer of 2012, and left Runkeeper shortly after. We both visited the Tour the France on the same day. You gave @LaurensTenDam a new device for uploading his rides, I hoped to get a free upgrade to Premium, but got a nice phonecase instead. Nowadays I use Strava for all my rides and runs, on average 3-4 times a week. I am a Sports Marketing Professional, partly in the cycling industry. I am not a premium user. Sorry. I just fail to see the advantages of the Premium version. Or I see them, but the cost/benefit ratio of the free version is just so much better.

I am not that interested in a Suffer Score or Filtered Leaderboard. I can set my own goals if I want to, thank you. I don’t have a Garmin, so I can’t download routes anyway. The Global Heatmap1 is nice and free and I can get my personal heatmap using Veloviewer2 (OK, just the last 25 activities when I stick to the free version). But the Segments! I might be interested in real time segments. I am not sure, it might be nicer not to see how I did when I’ve just raced uphill. A 236th place could spoil my ride altogether.

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No, what I would really, really like if you could start cleaning up segments. The possibility for every user to add segments is a great feature. However, it has served it’s goal. By now, every rideable climb has been ‘segmented’ and even almost every stretch of flat road has it’s segments. I live at De Utrechtse Heuvelrug (the hill’s of Utrecht), possibly the second best hilly section in the mostly completely flat Netherlands, next to Limburg (home of Amstel Gold Race). Our highest hill is the Amerongse Berg (mountain), with a staggering height of 64 meters. However, if I ride a single hill, I complete at least 5 but sometimes even 10 segments. Just the climb; the last steep part; all the way from the last corner, climb + downhill and 7 other versions. Not to mention this climb as part of a different set of series of climbs.

Why don’t you start with restricting creating segments to Premium users, to reduce the flood of segments? Or altogether, end the creation of segments whatsoever. And give premium users the possibility to (collectively) decide which segments are the official segments. For instance, by some means of voting?

I would be your first new Premium user.

Regards, Dennis