Nieuwe minor International Sport Business bij Fontys

Sports connect and engage athletes, teams, fans and businesses. Sports fascinate and inspire. That is why the sports business is a very interesting industry, also from a commercial point of view. The new minor International Sport Business will give students a head start into this field. It offers students with a passion for sports the best of our Sports Marketing and Sports Communication Bachelors at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

This unique minor helps them become a sport marketing & communication professional. It offers students specialized knowledge and skills in fields such as sponsoring, (social) media, (fan) marketing, communication, and managing big sports events. They will work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams on real life assignments. Some key words are: fan engagement (how to understand and involve your fans), data analysis, fan behavior, the role of mega events in city marketing, social media strategies, conversation management and media production.

In this minor we try to see organizations in the sports business as a part of an ecosystem which goal it is to create value for active participants and fans. In addition to that, our Personal Branding program will help the students develop a range of professional (research, consulting, media design, presentation) skills.

Deadline for applying is October 15 (November 15 for Erasmus student). Check our website for more information.

Headerfoto: Wikimedia